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A little Break from Riding

Riding through the Sudan has been a great experience so far. The road between Wadi Halfa on the shore of Lake Nasser and the capital city Khartoum is well paved and the locals I’ve met along the way have been very friendly, frequently inviting me to tea or coffee. Or at least to water from their well:

Nothing more welcome than fresh water in the desert!

Everyone seems to be very concerned about Sudan’s image in the international media – an image that has been shaped by droughts and wars. And yes, by the authoritarian rule of Omar al-Bashir, who has been in power since 1989. Here is a billboard in Khartoum that speaks volumes:

Downtown Khartoum

Not so great was a little fall I had from my bike the other day, not riding carefully enough. Yet, I was lucky and only bruised my shoulder! I will be back on the bike soon and will keep you updated about the trip and the people I meet.


Luckily, it's just a torn ligament


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