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From Cairo to Cape Town


Why am I doing this?

I love cycling. I think riding a bike is a great way to explore countries and to meet people. In my experience, people tend to be very friendly and open towards cyclists. That makes it easy to get in touch and to ask questions. My colleague Asumpta Lattus from Africalink did an interview with me before the start of the tour.
Listen in to find out more about my motives!

What do I want to ask?

I want to find out what people between Cairo and Cape Town think of Europe and Germany, what they are interested in and what kind of programs they expect from Germany’s international Broadcaster DW.  Find out what people I meet along the way have to say!

Am I prepared?

It’s 12.000 kilometres from Cairo to Cape Town and I am not a professional athlete.  That is why I’m travelling with the “Tour d’Afrique”, an organised bicycle expedition. They provide support along the way. But of course I’ve been training for this!

Training in German winter didn't prepare me for riding through hot African climates

What kind of bike do I have?

I’ve got a so called cyclocross bike, a race bike that can also handle rough roads. That’s what I hope at least! Here’s the bike being checked for the last time before my departure.

The right saddle is the most important thing on a long bike tour


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