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From Monday to Friday, Africalink is your daily look at politics, development, business and more. Incisive reports, hard-hitting interviews and stories with a human touch tell you what happens – and why.

Whether it’s elections in the Congo or successful young entrepreneurs in Kenya – Africalink is about more than just news. Besides daily insights into African politics and current affairs, the program also includes a regular look at African business, development and the people who are changing the face of the continent for the better. On Mondays and Thursdays, Africalink includes¬†episodes of your favourite program, “Learning by Ear”. The show goes on air at 19.05 UTC.

On the web: DW’s Africa page

We are wherever you are. Background information on African affairs take center stage on DW’s new Africa page. Check it out for a comprehensive look at Africa coverage.

Do you want to get the story behind the story from DW? Visit DW for Africa and listen to DW’s Africalink.


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  • Hello, Team Blog DW, I felecitation to you for your DW’s Afrikalink. Bravo DW.

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