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On Air: Africalink.  Get the story behind the story!

From Monday to Friday, Africalink is your daily look at politics, development, business and more. Incisive reports, hard-hitting interviews and stories with a human touch tell you what happens – and why.

Whether it’s elections in the Congo or successful young entrepreneurs in Kenya – Africalink is about more than just news. Besides daily insights into African politics and current affairs, the program also includes a regular look at African business, development and the people who are changing the face of the continent for the better. On Mondays and Thursdays, Africalink includes episodes of your favourite program, “Learning by Ear”. The show goes on air at 19.05 UTC.

On the web: DW’s Africa page

We are wherever you are. Background information on African affairs take center stage on DW’s new Africa page. Check it out for a comprehensive look at Africa coverage.

Do you want to get the story behind the story from DW? Visit DW for Africa and listen to DW’s Africalink.


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  • Hello, Team Blog DW, I felecitation to you for your DW’s Afrikalink. Bravo DW.

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