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Aggregate, analyse and filter information

MESH was about news syndication and filtering. In a globalized world we are confronted with an overabundance of news information. But how easy is it for anyone to navigate in this flood of information? Is it possible to obtain an objective view of controversial events, at national or international level?

MESH developed methods to analyse and organise news in a semantic way. This was to allow users to have a complete overview of all similar and conflicting views, being also able to filter information according to personal preferences and interests.

Deutsche Welle was a user partner and contributed to the news use case, validation and dissemination. In addition, Deutsche Welle developed a small CMS (Content Management System) called “Full Story”, which allowed for the integration of individual components developed by MESH project partners. Having been further modified to meed organisational needs, Full Story is still in use at DW.

The project ran from Mar 2006 – Feb 2009


Thursday, November 1st, 2012