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Current projects


Bloomen is about using blockchain technology for better media content management. Among other things, the project aims to explore wether it’s possible to tag *every* item produced and used by media with a small identifier (“hash”) — which would make the cumbersome job of handling intellectual properties and paying creators much easier.
-> Official Bloomen Website
-> Bloomen on Twitter
CPN (short for Content Personalisation Network) is experimenting with innovative ways of serving a personalised news experience. The aim is to develop a flexible service layer that allows the distribution of content from various sources to different devices based on the consumption patterns and direct input from end-users.
-> Official CPN Website
-> CPN on Twitter
euBusinessGraph aims to build a web tool able to provide EU-wide business data in a new and standardized way. The software will help journalists discover and visualize hidden connections and patterns.
-> Official euBusinessGraph Website
-> euBusinessGraph on Twitter

Fader/VRappr aims to create a VR/360 editor and distribution platform that’s web-based and fit for enterprise use.
-> Official Fader website
-> Vragments (Fader developers) on Twitter

InVid aims to develop technologies and methods assisting journalists in the verification of user generated videos (UGV).
-> Official Invid website
-> Invid on Twitter

MultiDrone is about creating an innovative intelligent multi-drone team platform for media production.
-> Official MultiDrone website
-> MultiDrone on Twitter
news.bridge is a DNI human language technology project. dedicated to making audiovisual (news) content available in virtually any language.
-> Official news.bridge website
-> news.bridge on Twitter

NewsStream is a big data/real time content analysis project that aims to develop text mining and audio mining tools for journalists.
-> Official NewStream website
-> NewsStream on Twitter

SUMMA aims to achieve a wide range of goals from developing extensible media monitoring platform and tools to enhancing multilingual and cross lingual capabilities.
-> Official SUMMA Website
-> SUMMA on Twitter
V4Design. Info coming soon.

YourDataStories aims to build a software tool that helps citizens find, analyze and visualize all kinds of open data — and turn it into a personal data story.
-> Official YourDataStories Website
-> YourDataStories on Twitter


Past projects:

  • AXES
  • C-CAST
  • C-Mobile
  • CoSyne
  • EUscreen/EUscreenXL
  • I-TV
  • KU Mobile
  • MESH
  • MixedEmotions
  • OPAL
  • PollyVote
  • SAM
  • Sat-n-Surf
  • Socios
  • Truly Media
  • Video Active
  • Vision Cloud


This page is under construction. More project descriptions, links, and resources coming soon.


Tuesday, January 17th, 2017