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Synchronising content in multilingual wikis

CoSyne is about wikis, about exchanging text among wikis in different languages. Wikipedia – as the most famous wiki – collects human knowledge in numerous languages and belongs to the top ten most frequented websites in the world. But article lengths differ in the various languages and some would not appear at all in certain languages. What if there would be a tool to translate changes automatically into various languages?

CoSyne develops tools that allow a combination of automated translation with synchronisation. This means it can compare two texts in different languages, and find and translate those parts that are not yet present in the other text. Beyond basic translation processes, CoSyne provides automated compilation, and includes a post-editing tool for finalisation.

Deutsche Welle is an application partner with a specific use case involving the Kalenderblatt program and contributes to user validation and dissemination.

The project runs from Mar 2010 – Feb 2013

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Friday, November 2nd, 2012