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5 Big Links – October 2013

Short and sweet: Five links that lead to novel views about media, tech and innovation.

1. How Apple launched the iPhone with a mix of preparation and pressure. A rare look behind the scenes.

2. Why develop in the Newsroom? Hint: Journalists would not need to start from scratch day by day.

3. Open Source: How Facebook helps building new (better, cheaper) data centers.

4. Beautiful, nice to read, but headed for oblivion? Why visually attractive tablet magazines might be a failure.

5. Amazing: How data can be visualized by now. The ‘making-of’ a series of stunning visualizations for Foursquare.


Friday, October 11th, 2013


5 Big Links – June 2013

What is happening in the Media Innovation landscape? With 5 Big Links we will inform you monthly about the big stories we see out there.

Right to privacy anno 2013: Academic research studies & reports on the state of digital privacy.

The signal & the noise: journalism & the future of crowd-sourced reporting after the Boston marathon bombings. An e-magazine by Nieman Reports.

Innovations issue online now! Using HTML5 and responsive design the New York Times brings magazine experience to the web.

Defend your data! Journalist guide to information security.

Learning by statistics: How to use Youtube successfully. Don’t miss the detailed 2013 study!

(Ruben Bouwmeester)


Friday, June 21st, 2013