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How do societies around the world develop into functioning democracies and what does it mean for a country to succeed? It is easy to get lost when trying to learn about these issues, either in the endless lists of numbers or in the complicated explanations of history and bureaucracy.  But behind the numbers and world news headlines are real people who face the consequences of governance and are striving to improve their lives and societies.

The Bertelsmann Transformation Index (BTI) gauges the quality of a democracy by evaluating how developing and transition countries are transforming their societies towards democracies and market economies. The index measures both the status of political and economic transformation along with the management of economic and social growth by governments. The BTI is published every two years and covers 129 countries. You can learn more about how the BTI index works here.

In cooperation with the BTI, DW has created a new internet series called Secrets of Transformation comparing how eight transition countries have succeeded or failed in four categories across eight years of observation. The project introduces you to the ordinary people on the ground and takes you below the surface with personal stories and interviews with officials, journalists and social critics. Secrets of Transformation uses a unique multimedia format combining data journalism with visual effects and video reporting bringing the numbers to life.

The first segment, Separation of Powers, is already online and compares Indonesia and Hungary to see weather or not branches of government are being allowed to function independently or if power is being consolidated and controlled. Every two weeks two more countries will be featured. Issues still to be addressed are Fighting Corruption, Economic Growth and Freedom of Expression. Be sure to check in and get valuable insight on how the world is transforming. After exploring the issues you can share your reactions and thoughts in the feedback section and also learn more about what went into creating the project.

The series was introduced on January 22 by DW Director General, Peter Limbourg and Bertelsmann Foundation Chairman, Aart de Geus during a presentation and discussion session at DW Headquarters in Bonn.


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