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Working with users to find the world’s local heroes


DW’s latest campaign puts the focus on people who are making a difference. People who rely on global insights and who think, reflect, reconsider and innovate. Who make rules, instead of playing by them and motivate instead of standing in the way. What DW refers to as “local heroes”.

Coinciding with the launch of its new television channel, flagship news show and app, DW is calling for viewers and users on social media to submit their own stories about people in their community who are making a difference. To submit their stories, users just need to fill out a form at or join the discussion on Facebook.

The campaign also features DW’s stories about local heroes as a programming highlight. For example, the winners of this year’s The Bobs are being featured on Life Links. The show speaks with online activists like a refugee from Syria, a data protection activist from Bangladesh and a blogger from Mexico, who tell their stories about taking a stand and fighting for what they think is right.


2015-06-24 | 12:31