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Spreading the word, changing the world

If more people are made aware of critical issues, they are more likely to participate in creating change. The role of media to inform and educate is critical and DW has recently played an active part in helping millions of people become more aware of an important initiative from the United Nations (UN).

In September, the UN announced a new set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are 17 policy objectives to be reached by 2030 that encompass important issues like stopping climate change, ending extreme poverty and fighting for equal rights and justice.

The Project Everyone initiative sets out with the gargantuan task of helping everyone on earth understand exactly what the UN’s sustainability goals want to achieve. To reach seven billion people in seven days, Project Everyone has enlisted hundreds of media and NGOs across the world to spread “short, dynamic and snappy” explanations of global goals across every potential medium.

As a trusted international broadcaster in developing nations, DW can directly convey the message behind the SDGs and encourage activism, awareness and community in solving important global issues where people need it the most. DW is taking part with special broadcasts on television, radio, online and with social media. DW’s major contribution is that 40 million people in Africa can be reached by DW and partner broadcasters.

Along with participating in Project Everyone, DW has produced My 2030, a website that asks what you want your world to look like in 2030 and encourages people from all over the world to share their problems, hopes and visions for the future. Young people born in the year 2000 also have the chance to enter the millennium teens competition for a chance to appear on DW’s Global 3000.



2015-10-02 | 7:31