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DW is advancing digital activism in Nigeria

Social media and digital activism play a pivotal role in the media landscape of developing countries. DW’s blogging contest, Digital Heroes – Generation Nigeria, put a spotlight on Nigeria’s brightest young bloggers who care about the future of their country.

They contestants were asked to create a written, photographic or video project that addressed environmental issues in Nigeria. Over 400 entries were received. At an event in Lagos last week, the winners were honored and the grand prize was awarded to a photo project that profiled widespread oil pollution in Nigeria’s Niger River Delta.

Social media has become indispensible for Nigerian youth and beyond being used a social tool, it is now growing into a social force. The winner of the contest, Solomon Sodeinde, said that social media is the most effective way to raise awareness amongst youth. His project on the Niger River Delta serves as an example of the power that can be placed in the hands of active young people who see problems in their societies.

Contest winner Solomon Sodeinde

At the discussion, Nigerian social media experts and bloggers discussed the growing importance of social media in Nigeria and the risks and opportunities that it presents. With the widespread availability of information on so many networks, it is the bloggers’ responsibility to make sure that there work is based on facts and research.

The contest is part of DW’s digital strategy, which isn’t only about producing the best content for users, but also about helping create a culture of digital activism in our broadcasting regions around the world.


2017-07-18 | 2:15