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Laughing in the face of terror

Terrorism, extremism and corruption are things Ahmed Al-Basheer knows personally. The Iraqi comedian has lost two family members to terrorist militias and would face great danger if he returned to Iraq. Nevertheless, Al-Basheer maintains a strong sense of humor and directs scathing satire and absurd jokes at everyone from Islamic State terrorists to corrupt officials.

Every two weeks, Al-Basheer and his team use their own money to produce “The Al-Basheer Show” from a private residence in Amman, Jordan. Up until now the show had only been published online, and despite having more then 30 million views since its 2014 launch, no broadcaster would risk airing it.

As an advocate for freedom of expression worldwide, DW is now the first broadcaster to televise the show. Audiences throughout the Arab world can now watch The Al-Basheer Show in Arabic on DW (Arabia). In cooperation with Jordanian partner Al Sumaria, the show will be broadcast every Friday evening during prime time.  Al-Basheer has made a big name for himself and will make an important contribution to DW’s presence as a beacon for reliable news and free speech in the region.

By using humor to bring serious issues to the public sphere, The Al-Basheer Show represents a small island of free expression in a sea of extremism and oppression. The success of his program indicates that there are many people in the Arab world who relate to his message and understand the deadly absurdity that extremism brings.



2016-04-15 | 8:10



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