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Making stories matter

At MIPTV 2017 in Cannes, storytelling is taking center stage. At the core is content that connects with audiences using timeless elements that draw audiences in and capture their interest and imagination.

DW Transtel is sharing the best in factual entertainment covering a variety of topics. For example, Railway Stories shares a tradition of travel and adventure and looks at the meaning of place in connection with legendary railways around the world. In six videos it invites anyone with wanderlust to get lost for a few hours and immerse themselves in a journey.

Coming from a more serious angle, Migration Millennium examines how migration is changing the world with stories that uncover ugly truths and bitter challenges faced by migrants struggling to improve their lives. By using storytelling to personalize a broad issue, the series can shed a unique light on the issue.

Everyone should look for these highlights and more from DW Transtel, on display at this year’s MIPTV, which is the world’s premiere global entertainment event.


2017-04-12 | 9:54



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