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Werner Aisslinger: not quite punctual, but very precise

Time is of the essence
He arrives spectacularly late for the recording. So, you might guess, punctuality isn’t necessarily his strong suit and it’s certainly relief all round when he does finally turn up. He’s soft-spoken, cautious. Perhaps a little nervous? His first question, more or less: “So what exactly are we doing here?” He’s the prize-winning designer Werner Aisslinger – my latest guest on Talking Germany.

Most of our guests don’t just arrive on time – many have also prepared meticulously for the show. They might watch one or two past editions of Talking Germany. They’ll think hard about the questions they’re likely to be confronted with. And they’ll have given a lot of consideration to how they want to look. I don’t think much of this applied to Werner Aisslinger. But, I can reassure you, there’s no dizziness about him – in fact meticulous attention to detail and good timekeeping are both very important to him.

I know this because, for the past couple of weeks, I have been studying very closely his design work in general, but one aspect in particular: watches, and I would recommend paying a visit to the Aisslinger website and checking out his eye-catching timepieces. Commissioned by an Italian manufacturer, they’re an excellent mixture of precision chronometry and a distinctive flair.

And – you’ve guessed – he’s wearing one! This is good because my own solar-powered watch (made by a well-known German manufacturer) is, I feel, getting just a little out of date (despite Werner’s assessment: “Very nice,” he says, “really very nice.”). Which is why I’ve been on the lookout for something new: perhaps an Aisslinger creation? But I want to get a real feel for one first, so I ask whether he’d let me try his? “Sure, no problem.”

The silicon strap is very comfortable. The face though is yellow, prompting comments like: “It’s too shrill for you, Peter!” But it’s black and white that I’ll be looking for and I’m taken. It’s time, quite literally, for a change. Werner Aisslinger is, by the way, a guest who expresses himself with compelling precision.


October 25, 2013