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Women at work: breaking social barriers in Afghanistan

Women in Afghanistan are slowly becoming financially independent

Just until a few years ago, Zulfia did not have any option other than giving up her studies and staying at home in Kabul. Now, with the help of NAZO, a German organization she teaches young women to become independent.

21-year-old Zulfia says, “I couldn’t keep going on with my education due to financial problems, so I had to stay home. At first I was not so courageous. I had nothing to say. My social contacts were few. I was a shy girl. But I was interested in working outside my home.”

Atifa Mansori, the head of Afghanistan’s business union in Herat says: “Due to the traditional discrimination against women and the country’s current social, political, cultural and economic condition, women have less job opportunities. Few are allowed to work outside their homes.”


30.12.2011 | 20:28