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Stand up and fight

0,,17180871_101,00We’ve been hearing a lot about abuse and rape lately, and it’s good that way because women are finally opening up, talking against abuse and demanding justice against their perpetrators. Women Talk Online presents a special collection of interviews and blogs on abuse and rape and what women can do if they encounter someone who’s been through abuse or are unfortunate enough to experience abuse themselves. Take a look at some of our stories and interviews and tell us what you feel.

‘Let’s commit suicide’

“A woman’s body is sin. Her existence invisible. A man’s body is free. His existence supreme.” This is what the so-called advocates of Islam have said in many words. According to them, a woman raped is a woman scorned as she herself is responsible for inviting a man to violate her. Read more here.

Be prepared, not scared

I have pondered for quite some time if I should write this article at all. So much has been said about the safety of women in India following the events on 16 December 2012 in Delhi when six men gang-raped a young woman who later died from her horrendous injuries that I feel the term “gang-rape” is used with an awful ease these days. Read more here.

A blow for India

For women in India to walk with dignity and freedom, a social transformation as well as a change in the values, attitudes and male perceptions of women, by men and women, is needed. Read more here.

Life after rape

Last year, a woman was raped in a moving car in Kolkata. She was coming out of a five-star hotel on Kolkata’s posh Park Street when five young boys kidnapped her and later raped her. Read her interview here.

Coping with rape

How does a victim cope with rape? What tools do psychologists employ to help a rape victim lead a normal life after the trauma she has suffered? Women Talk Online Blogger Debarati Mukherjee speaks to New Delhi-based psychotherapist, Dr. Saima Nafis Khan. Read more here.


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