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ISIS soldiers march in Iraq

Did you miss out on women’s themes this week? Check out the latest women’s news and let us know if you have any suggestions!

Indian photoshoot echoing gang-rape sparks outrage

An Indian photographer has sparked outrage with a fashion shoot that depicts a woman being harassed on a bus by a group of men, echoing a fatal gang-rape that shocked the nation. Read more here.

Domestic violence laws in China

In the People’s Republic of China, a 2013 survey found that 54.6% of 1858 respondents had experienced domestic violence. Recent high-profile cases have helped draw attention to the issue of domestic violence in China but there is still much work that needs to be done. Read more here.

Michelle Obama: women are smarter than men

First lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday proudly stated she believes women are the smarter sex and must use prominent positions in government, business and other endeavors to affect change. Read more here.

Don’t politicize women’s bodies

This summer, the European Court of Human Rights upheld France’s burka ban, agreeing that the burka hinders Muslim women from integrating into French society. Read more here.

‘Football is very macho. It’s difficult to accept women in governance’

On the eve of the Women’s U20 World Cup, Fifa president Sepp Blatter says ‘there’s something very reluctant’ in football – and acknowledges his organization must do more to promote women. Read more here.


08.08.2014 | 8:52