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An Afghan court has sentenced five men convicted of raping four women to death. Read more for women’s news that made it to the headlines.

Afghan court sentences five to death for gang-rape

An appeals court in Afghanistan has sentenced five men to death for robbery and sexual assault after an incident in August. Two other defendants have been given 20-year jail terms.  Read more here.

Fatal conception

For millions of Pakistani women, giving birth to  new child is often fraught with complications and very rarely a moment of joy. Read more here.

Colombian women’s flesh-coloured cycling kit ‘unacceptable’

The design of a new flesh-coloured kit that makes a Colombian women’s cycling team look naked below the waist has been described as unacceptable by Brian Cookson, the president of the UCI. Read more here.

Raped again? Kolkata rape survivor denied entry to posh eatery

Suzette Jordon – unfortunately remembered as ‘The Park Street rape victim’ – had another tryst with barbarity at the restaurant of Ginger hotel, Hazra in Kolkata on Sunday. She was denied entry for being a rape survivor. Read more here.

French teen deserts family, joins ‘Islamic State’

Since 2012, up to 150 French women have joined the ranks of the Islamic State or Al Nusra Front. Here the family of a 14-year-old describes how her departure has left them stunned and wondering why the government isn’t doing more. Read more here.



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