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10 things you should avoid while flying

Air travelling is no longer a big deal for many people. However, some air travelers do things they shouldn’t while flying. Here’s a list of 10 such things.

Don’t rush to the boarding gate

Most of the airlines divide passengers into groups to board them easily. That is why they call passengers by groups at the boarding gate. However, some passengers ignore the announcement and try to get into the aircraft before others. That doesn’t actually help, but creates a chaotic situation.

Avoid the last puff!

Smoking is your personal choice. However, smokers need to think about others as well. Sometimes they make a hurried puff session just a few seconds before the boarding. And after boarding the smell of the cigarette annoys others. Try to avoid this practice or at least use fresh mints to get rid of the smell.

Don’t fight with the seat in front of you

Aircraft seats are strong enough to carry passengers. However, they are very light and unable to stay stable if hit from the back. Now if you kick or bump or even push the front seat, the passenger sitting on it will notice immediately. So  try and not fight with the seat.

Share your  armrest

Some people simply consider the armrest between two seats as their property and try to keep control of it by using their elbows. Don’t be so selfish. Rather share it with the person sitting beside you. What if nobody is sitting beside you? You know the answer.

Roaming around with bare feet

Roaming around with bare feet is something unusual but not rare. Some air travelers like to roam on the aircraft in bare feet. They even go to the bathroom without putting any footwear on. This is not only unhygienic for the person but also annoying for others. Another suggestion, don’t park your bare feet or other parts of the body in the aisle of the aircraft.

Avoid sound pollution

You are free to play video games on your Smartphone, iPad or laptop during air travel, just not at full volume. Use headphones to enjoy the sound of your game yourself. Others will get their share of rest then.

0,,16374554_403,00Don’t race to disembark first

Right after the landing of the aircraft, some air travelers lose their patience to remain seated. They want to get off from the aircraft as soon as possible. This is very primitive behavior. Every passenger will have a chance to leave the plane. So remain seated and let the passengers in front of you leave first.

‘We just landed… can you hear me?’

You have landed and this is not breaking news. Your friends or relatives waiting at the airport can see it on the big screens. So stay cool and stop yapping on your cell phone from the runway.

Travelators are also for walking

Most of the big airports have moving walkways called travelators to help air travelers’ move more comfortably. They are helpful to cover a long distance in less time and effort inside the airport. However, some people just stand still on the travelators, which is not a good idea. You should walk on it as well.

Rush at baggage carousel

Some people just try to climb onto the baggage carousel or conveyer belt to get their luggage. But is it really important? Can’t we stay a few feet away from the conveyer belt and keep our eyes on it? Collecting your luggage from the belt will be much easier this way.

Author: Arafatul Islam
Editor: Manasi Gopalakrishnan

You can follow Arafatul on Twitter @arafatul


27.10.2014 | 11:16