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Women Talk Online is a project by the DW South and Southeast Asia service. The blog is an attempt to lend a voice to women in Asia, Europe and around the world and to foster discussion on women’s issues.

We encourage young bloggers who want to write for us. If you’re interested, please send us your blog entry of about 300-500 words on any theme of relevance to women. You can email your entry to or send us a message on our Facebook page, DW- Womentalkonline. Please include your details and contacts in your email.

We look forward to hearing from you!


13.07.2015 | 11:35


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    just visit her profile and see what she is doing for the affected people of her efforts to the world.she is also international women of courage 2014

    .she is the founder of the first ever women jirga in pakistan and pukhtun history.she has solved many cases of womens rights in swat valley and help women and girls like me and others. but nobody highlights her efforts she was the first to visit the earthquake effeted peoples. and we the people of swat trust her…she provide free legal aid to mens and womens of swat.due to lack of funds she is a strong lady and went to every person with a box to collect donations

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