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Fostering mobile broadcast

C-MOBILE was a mobile broadcast and multicast technology project. The goal was to build a more flexible multicasting architecture, enhance content management workflow, develop new applications and content formats and contribute to multicasting technology evolution and standards.

C-Mobile developed multicasting services, including end-to-end services, from content provider to end-user. The result on the content side was the development of content casting formats with podcasting content and interactive TV formats with streaming content. Services in the content provider use case included the implementation of an electronic programming guide for streaming content using playlists. A voting application for streaming content allowed interactivity with the user, using user input for on-the-fly content selection.

Deutsche Welle was a user partner and contributed to news use case, validation and dissemination.

The project ran from Mar 2006 – Feb 2008


Thursday, November 1st, 2012