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Meet us @ EBU SCAIE Workshop

Metadata and Machine Translation

EBU SCAIE WorkshopWhen: 11 June 2015
Where: EBU Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

What is it?
The European Broadcaster Union’s SCAIE Workshop (Study of Content Analysis-based Automatic Information Extraction in Production) on “From Research to Production” wants to bring together experts in automatic metadata extraction, ICT specialists and broadcast industry stakeholders involved with bringing results of research on automatic metadata extraction into production workflows.

It includes a session on automated translation in broadcasting, which Deutsche Welle Innovation and the BBC will be leading jointly.
This one-day SCAIE workshop is consecutive to the MDN (Metadata Developer) workshop on June 9 and 10, focusing on the use of metadata in broadcast industry.

The SCAIE workshop of June 11 has three sessions:

  • Audio & Text
  • Video & Search
  • General Barriers for Adoption and Valorisation of R&D Results

Why are we there?
We are active in research projects on automated translation for broadcasting, and language technologies in a broader sense. Jointly with the BBC, we will be leading the workshop on automated translation in broadcasting production in the third session, i.e., general barriers for adoption and valorisation of R&D results. We will be discussing objectives and results from current and previous research projects including CoSyne, MULTISENSOR and EUMSSI, and barriers and opportunities for implementation of language technologies in broadcasting environments.

The workshop is jointly led by Deutsche Welle and the BBC. Peggy van der Kreeft will be presenting on behalf of Deutsche Welle Innovation; Susanne Weber, Language Technology Lead at the BBC News Labs will be speaking for the BBC. Follow the event on Twitter via the @ebu_tech’s twitter account and catch-up with news from DW Innovation on @dw_innovation.


Monday, June 8th, 2015