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Localised mobile content

C-CAST (Context Casting) was a mobile content service project. The core idea was to connect mobile communication with the physical space and to offer appropriate multimedia content.

C-Cast provided context-aware services, which aimed to identify and respond to situations, and were experienced by users as “better” services, because of the high degree of personalisation and targeting. In a C-CAST environment, public spaces and transportation like trains and train stations, airports, shopping centers and social meeting places (e.g. bars, restaurants) turned into public “smart” spaces through context-awareness, with personalised mobile services and content targeted to groups of people sharing common interests or situations, depending on their context.

Deutsche Welle was a user and application partner and contributed primarily to content management processes focusing on metadata storage, management and enrichment, and of course the regular validation and dissemination activities.

The project ran from Mar 2008 – Jun 2010


Thursday, November 1st, 2012