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Welcome to Deutsche Welle Innovation

Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international public service broadcaster.

Deutsche Welle promotes the understanding of Germany as an independent nation with its roots in European culture. DW offers a full range of television, radio and online services and is known for its in-depth, reliable news and information in 30 languages – including Arabic and Kiswahili, Indonesian and Urdu, Russian and Spanish, German and English.

Since the late 1990s Deutsche Welle Innovation Team has successfully participated in more than twenty nationally and internationally funded R&D projects with partners such as the BBC, Yahoo, Oxford University and Fraunhofer Institute. Always with a strong focus on fostering Journalism & Technology the projects have been covering topics ranging from mobile broadcasting technologies towards novel search techniques in social networks, cloud services, and language processing.

On our site we will introduce ourselves and our projects to you. Also take a look around in our playground where we explore innovative ideas closely related to technology used in current and future projects.


Monday, December 3rd, 2012


Storage & service in the cloud

VISION Cloud focuses on innovative cloud storage. The explosion of personal and organisational digital data has been recognised as one of the most significant characteristics of the decade. Generated data is simply growing faster than we can store it!

The goal of VISION Cloud is to develop a cloud-based infrastructure to provide a scalable, flexible and dependable framework for storage services. It will be built on open standards and new technologies. VISION Cloud aims to show how workflows will be supported significantly in terms of productivity, quality, reliability and cost.

Deutsche Welle is a user partner and contributes to news use case, validation and dissemination.

The project runs from Oct 2010 – Sep 2013

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Friday, November 2nd, 2012