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‘The love remains’

Music is an integral part of many people’s lives. It knows no boundaries. It is felt by people of every religion, culture and ethnicity. A new entrant in the field of music, Sidj has given a new meaning to the way music can be perceived. As an independent singer-composer and song writer, Sidj uses music as a catalyst for friendship.

 Isra Bhat: Tell us something about yourself.

Sidj: I am Sidj and I am from Mumbai, India. I have been travelling a lot since the last 15 years. I am neither a professional musician nor a trained singer. The music I make is all about the experience I had during my travels. My rendezvous with music occurred very normally and naturally.

How did you manage to collaborate with the musicians from Germany and who were the sponsors?

As I travel a lot I don’t have a proper studio. I meet professional musicians who own studios and tell them about my ideas. This is all self-financed. I write the lyrics of the song and tell them how I want to compose in a very creative manner.

The people here are quiet cooperative; I try to make them understand my idea as clearly as possible. I spend a lot of time with them and familiarize them with Indian culture.

You have made this friendship song in collaboration with Germany but India has good relations with Germany so the collaboration was not much needed. A collaborative India-Pakistan friendship song is the need of the hour. What is your take on this?

(Smiles) You have touched a nerve. This is not necessarily a German-Indian friendship song. If I wanted that I would have added German lyrics which are not there. It’s a universal song. Friendship is a worldwide phenomenon it cannot be restricted to a particular country.

We have issues in every part of the world and so is the case with India-Pakistan. My message is for them also as my song also says “lade phir bhi, kahin hai pyaar” (even if we quarrel, the love remains). I just wanted to give this message of brotherhood and companionship in a very creative and novel manner which is and will remain my main aim.

Interview: Isra Bhat

Editor: Manasi Gopalakrishnan


26.08.2013 | 10:51