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Women rappers in Nepal are causing a stir. These young women use a mix of English and Nepalese to woo their fans. Women in Bangladesh have been severely affected by the latest spate of strikes . Read more to know the latest in women’s news.

Women play key role improving health in Bangladesh

Despite low spending on health, a weak health system and widespread poverty, Bangladesh has achieved great strides in life expectancy, vaccination rates, TB control and a child’s chances of surviving past the age of five, according to a series of focus papers published in The Lancet. Read more in The Conversation.

Strike in Bangladesh

The opposition protest, which was scheduled to end on Sunday, would virtually paralyze the country straight for the second week, even as death toll in the last two-week’s of political violence rose to 28. Read more in Jagran.

Congress head Sonia Gandhi with Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

Delhi chief minister seeks votes for her fourth consecutive term

Facing the toughest battle of her political career, three-time Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday said she has kept her “fingers crossed” on the outcome of the election where ruling Congress, BJP and new entrant Aam Admi Party are locked in a keen tussle. Read more in the Hindu.

Women with disabilities helpless against sexual advances

Repeated rape attempts or rape of someone sounds disgusting. However, it is an everyday reality for a number of women with physical and mental disabilities, according to Tika Dahal, general secretary at National Federation of Disabled-Nepal (NFDN). Read  more in the Republica.

Female rappers are causing a stir in Nepal

Raw Barz, a freestyle hip-hop movement, has hosted the country’s first female rap battle. The event, spearheaded by Nepalese rap icon Yama Buddha, allows fledgling rappers to build a career in Nepal’s music industry. Read more in the BBC.









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