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India’s Sania Mirza and Zimbabwe’s Cara Black have won the women’s tennis doubles at The WTA championship in Singapore. An Afghan cleric has been sentenced to jail after he was found guilty of raping a little girl. Will Nigeria’s girls come back? The Boko Haram has kidnapped more girls and the deal with the government seems to be faltering. Read more for women’s news that made it to the headlines.

Kabul court sentences cleric for rape

A court in Kabul has sentenced a religious teacher to 20 years in prison after he was found guilty of raping a 10-year-old girl. The judgment was welcomed by women’s groups. Read more here.

Iran executes Reyhaneh Jabbari despite international opposition

Iran has executed a woman despite an international campaign to halt her hanging. In a trial termed as a flawed and unfair, Reyhaneh Jabbari was convicted of murdering a man who attempted to rape her. Read more here.

Nigeria media: Boko Haram kidnaps more women and girls

According to reports from Nigeria, Boko Haram Islamists have kidnapped dozens of women and girls. The events throw further doubt on talks supposed to result in the freedom of 200 other young women taken in April. Read more here.

‘Arrogant Pistorius was sure to kill’

It was bad luck Reeva Steenkamp met Oscar Pistorius, her mother has said, as the “volatile” athlete “would have killed someone sooner or later”. Speaking to The Times, June Steenkamp calls Pistorius “pathetic,” “moody,” “gun-toting” and “possessive.” Read more here.

Tunisia’s progressive constitution

Tunisia’s post-revolution constitution is seen as the most progessive in the Arab world. It guarantees freedom of religion, as well as gender equality. That’s also due to the many women who were involved in the revolution of 2011: bloggers, housewives, activists, but also islamist women. Read more here.

Women in Afghan industries

What role do women play in Afghanistan’s extracting industries? A report by the United States Institute of Peace has some interesting insights. Read more here.

16 Things Women Were Told They Couldn’t Do This Year

When Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggested earlier this month that women shouldn’t proactively advocate for pay raises, heads exploded. But as frustrating as Nadella’s comments are, they are just the most recent example of things women have been told they can’t – or shouldn’t – do this year. Read more here.


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