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6 Relationship Rules Women Shouldn’t Ignore:



Sometimes smart, intelligent and independent women have the worst problems choosing the right partner. They have so many things going on in their lives but they don’t apply the same smartness when it comes to choosing the love of their life. So if you are deciding to take the next step forward with your boyfriend , here are some rules you need to decide if the relationship is worth your effort and time.


1.   Never Take Age Into Consideration

This golden rule is for all of you women out there who are desperate to get married just because you are getting older. Getting older has got nothing to do with marriage, trust me. If you are worried about remaining single even after 30, then you start inadvertently accepting every single proposal that comes your way. And this can lead to nothing but disaster further down the road. Waiting for the right man even though it may take some time is the best option. So don’t compromise on your love just because you are getting older.

2. Bad Boyfriends Never Make Good Husbands

Have a bad boyfriend who treats you with disrespect, ignores you and doesn’t pay any attention to your needs? Well, if you still insist on marrying him, you will be stuck with a husband who won’t change his behavior. A man who does not value you and is not willing to change will most probably not even change after you tie the knot. So stop thinking you can change your boyfriend for the better after marrying him because the truth is you can’t.

3. Living Off Your Money

Sure, we have all had our rough days and ended up depending on our partner for financial support. However, if your boyfriend keeps on living off your money, this habit will continue after marriage for sure. A guy who doesn’t pay for his woman before marriage won’t do so in the marriage. Do you really want to end up with a guy that is not able to pay for his own bills? What if you want to have kids or a house, basically a normal life. He won’t be able to give it to you. So you have to think about what you want in life and what is important for you. I am not saying you should not marry a poor guy, but don’t get hitched with a lazy one who just wants to sit in front of the computer or TV all day!

4. “The Casanova Image”

If your boyfriend loves boasting about his Casanova image and how he can hook up any girl he wants with ease, trust him to do the same even after marriage. He probably likes the adventure of hooking up and sneaking around with another woman even better. It simply is a game for him. So don’t become just one of those other girls he simply wanted to hook up with.

5. Not Going The Family Way

Your boyfriend completely hates babies and anything that has got to do with families. If you believe you can change his views after marriage, you are hopelessly wrong. A guy who doesn’t want a family and kids would not want them even after marriage. Even if you force him into accepting your views, chances are he will remain disconnected with the kids in the future.  So don’t think you can hang onto him or hold him back with kids. That plan is definitely not going to work and you will end up being the loser.

6. Increasing Physical And Mental Abuse

A lot of women put up with physical and mental abuse constantly, and still prefer to get married to their boyfriends despite knowing about their abusive nature. If your boyfriend is abusive, he will continue to be abusive to you after marriage. It will probably get worse. There is nothing like a first time or last time when it comes to physical/mental abuse. If he hits you once, he will do it again. And the chances are he will continue to do it for the rest of your life.

Author: Jessica Vlajnic

Editor: Grahame Lucas


12.12.2014 | 15:02