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India nun rape

The rape of an elderly nun in West Bengal state last week has sparked outrage in the country. What has been done by the government? Read more here for news about women.

Narendra Modi Expresses ‘deep concern’ over rape of a nun

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed concern over attacks on a nun and a church and demanded “immediate action” against the perpetrators.

Read more on BBC here.

German teenage girls suspected of joining ‘IS’

German authorities have launched a search for two teenagers who are believed to have run away to join the “Islamic State” militia. The girls met online, according to officials.

See the report here.

Chechen woman abducts her Dutch children to join IS

Two young children have been kidnapped from the Netherlands by their Chechen mother, who took them to Syria to join the “Islamic State.” According to authorities, the woman has dodged an international arrest warrant.

Read more here.

Afghan artist forced into hiding over costume

An Afghan artist has been forced into hiding after receiving death threats for dressing in a metal suit showing the female form.

See the BBC report here.

Cambodia: Labor Laws Fail to Protect Garment Workers

The Cambonian government is failing to protect garment workers who are producing for international apparel brands from serious labor rights abuses, Human Rights Watch said in a new report. The predominantly women workers often experience forced overtime, pregnancy-based discrimination, and anti-union practices that neither the government nor major brands have adequately addressed.

Read the HRW report here.

The cyber warrior ‘princess’ who guards Google

In fairy tales, it’s usually the princess that needs protecting. At Google’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, the princess is the one defending the castle. Meet Parisa Tabriz, the 31-year-old with perhaps the most enchanted job title in engineering — “Google Security Princess.”

Read more on CNN here.

‘Online bullies called me the world’s ugliest woman’

A woman who was bullied for the way she looks is the focus of a new film that premieres at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas on Saturday.

Read the BBC report here.

Indian bridegroom dumped over failed maths test

An Indian bride has walked out of her wedding after her bridegroom-to-be failed to solve a simple maths problem, according to police in Uttar Pradesh.

Read more here.


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