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Abha Mondhe had a tough time in school, struggling with Math and Chemistry. To top it all, her handwriting was an eyesore. She remembers how she got inspired and finally achieved the unthinkable-for her.For me, school is equal to mathematics and chemistry, which I couldn’t care about and never wanted to learn. When I was a school, my teachers focused on idealism, moral education and excellent handwriting.

To have a good handwriting with no spelling mistakes was like having something precious. But exactly as in mathematics and chemistry, I was bad in writing also. It was in the 8th standard when they announced that the annual magazine for the school would be completely handmade.

The text as well as the design would be done by students who had a good handwriting. Although I didn’t fit the bill, I desperately wanted to do it. There was a test which I had to take, but my handwriting looked as if a drunken ant dipped in ink was crawling along the page.

Still, I wanted to be the part of the team because slowly all my friends were selected for it. My best friend had a wonderful handwriting, another could draw very well, yet another could decorate pages beautifully. I was left alone, when they went to work on our handmade annual book. I felt sad.

Sometimes I was really jealous too. My ego was playing games but I loved my friends and could not hurt them in any case. Well time went by and I was selected for the dance program.

But magically, my handwriting automatically became beautiful. It was my best friend Neelam who inspired me indirectly to write beautifully and today, I am proud of my Hindi as well as my English handwriting. I wonder why the children today don’t work on their handwriting!

Abha Mondhe


24.07.2012 | 14:29