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© Getty Images/AFP/E. Barukcic

© Getty Images/AFP/E. Barukcic

Refugees who are fleeing from Syria are getting a lot of attention right now. Many people are seriously concern and would like to help. Along with this sympathy, people are upset if they hear news about refugees being ill-treated or misused by anybody. Are your comments included in this week’s Comments of the Week? Check it out here.


Jim Lloyd Of course they won’t renounce it. They love the rape and abuse of females… especially young innocent girls… the imams who condone this… the rich muslims who do the buying, and anyone who sells another person in this way is lower than dog shit on the sole of a shoe. (Facebook, September 14, 2015)

Response by Noura Kh: Jim I can totally understand your confusion as to why this is happening and you relating it to Islam , and I can not be more disgusted by the actions of these men, but to point out that these marriages are in NO way accepted in Islam or should I say the true Islam. These men when they justify these marriages by using the religion as an excuse to their sick desires need to revise their understanding of Islam, when prophet Muhammad married his young wife it was 1400 years ago , things at at that time were different in terms of historical context and what was socially acceptable back then (Saint Augustine even married a 10 year old girl,even now the marriage age in some states are 12 in MA 13 in NH and 14 in NY) , its also prohibited in Islam to marry someone before the age of puberty (and trust me since I live in UAE I know some girls at the age of 9 sometimes hit puberty ), above all the true ethics of the massage of Islam is completely contradicted with their actions which is taking advantage of someone in need , the Imams who approve such marriages are as guilty as these men. Their actions are in NO way or form represent the true teachings of Islam. (September 14, 2015)
Responded again by Jim Lloyd: Unfortunately it seems that more are only interested in following their own perverted interests, instead of following the true teachings of Islam, yet hide behind their religion as an excuse for their actions. (September 14, 2015)
Second Response by Noura Kh: exactly (September 14, 2015)



Mahi Wali Shaking hands with men is not illegal in Pakistan Thank God! Well I am luckier than her in that sense. (Facebook, September 11, 2015)
Bopea Sareth Where is biological father of the 4? He must take responsibility as well. (Facebook, September 11, 2015)
Jim Lloyd Hope she gets the 5 years and has to serve every single day (September 9, 2015)
Chhim Kimchhoeun Very very bad!!!!!!!! (September 10, 2015)

Women Immigrants Battle Their Fears Of The Unknown

It’s a new world, a new journey. But instead of becoming the exciting experience it ought to be, it ends up being more about fending off unwanted fears of the unknown. Every new immigrant to Canada has to live through the three stages of acculturation, which for most is not easy. First comes the thrill and joy of exploring a new land, then there are feelings of marginalisation and hostility towards the host country and finally comes acceptance. (From May 22, 2015)

Women’s War Wounds Never Really Heal (Part I and Part II)

For Ameena Sawwan, the survivor of a chemical weapons attack in Syria, it was the Arab Spring that turned out to be the beginning of a nightmare in which she is trapped even today. What started off as peaceful protests against a repressive regime soon gave way to a series of retaliatory attacks by government forces. (From May 8, 2015)

Afghanistan: In The Midst Of War, A Women’s Rights Warrior

Born in the mid-50s in Mazar-i-Sharif, a cultural and religious site in Afghanistan with famous shrines that get thousands of visitors annually, Dr Habiba Sarabi’s childhood was similar to that of many girls in her country. She grew up in a lower middle class household where money was tight, and her father preferred her brothers. She had to work twice as hard to show that she was capable of doing as much as them, if not more. (From June 19, 2015)


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