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© Reuters/Rasheed

© Reuters/Rasheed

“What ISIS did to you, will not happen again,” said the Yazidi Patriarch to the women and children victims of ISIS taken to Germany to get help. Read more about their stories and other news about women here.


Fleeing ISIS tyranny: Agony of the Yazidis

The charity AirBridge Iraq have been working with the government of the German state of Baden-Württemberg to relocate hundreds of female and child victims of ISIS to Germany. There, they receive two-year residency permits, psychological treatment, and government support for housing and school for children.

Read more here from CNN


Miss Iraq beauty pageant marred by death threats

Organisers vow to press ahead with contest despite backlash from religious hardliners.

Read more here from the Guardian.


Hillary Clinton: Xi Jinping ‘shameless’ on women’s rights

China has lashed out at Hillary Clinton for her tweet criticizing Chinese President Xi Jinping’s record on gender equality, accusing her of being a “rabble-rouser” intent on China-bashing to win election points.

Read more here from CNN


China hits back at Hillary Clinton in women’s rights row

US presidential hopeful called President Xi ‘shameless’ for promoting women’s rights at UN while persecuting activists at home.

Read more here from The Guardian.


The Women-Only Banking Collective That Is Changing India

A new initiative by women for women in Varanasi, India, is shattering outdated power structures. It is a bank that was created by small cooperatives of women within the city. It helps women save, and take out emergency loans, without being at the mercy of predatory lending.

Read more here.


Slashing Drop-out Rates For Girls in Ghana

CARE’s research studies identified that girls can have six times higher domestic workloads than boys their same age. As a result, girls often miss class and/or arrive late to school, missing critical learning hours.

Read more here from GLOBALCITIZEN


‘I’m not a hypochondriac. I have a disease. All these things that are wrong with me are real, they are endometriosis’

I feel sad that this is the hardest story I’ve ever written and that I’m embarrassed that people will read it and know the intimate details of my life. But I’m also hopeful that a conversation has begun.

Read more here from The Guardian.


Gender inequality is a problem men created – now they have to help fix it

Men need to step up and actually help women out at home and at work. We need them to take active responsibility for their faults.

Read Jessica Valenti’s column (The Guardian) here.



Merkel tops Forbes 100 most powerful women list with Clinton close behind

The annual Forbes list includes 24 corporate CEOs, eight heads of state, 18 entrepreneurs, one monarch – and Taylor Swift.

Read more here from The Guardian.


‘I fight in crop tops and fishnets’: Meet Dubai’s only female Muslim wrestler

The Arab world’s first female pro wrestler talks to Kate Dobinson about fighting men in a conservative country and how her mum sews ‘modest’ crop tops.

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