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Women love to express themselves and how! We found some very interesting blogs by women and on women’s issues, on topics ranging from fitness, relationships and literature to art and yoga. Here’s a short list.

Diary of a white Indian housewife

An Australian woman works as an accountant and needs new challenge in life. Her adventures lead her to India, where she finally settles with her Indian husband. Her blog gives interesting and humourous insights into how she adjusts with life in India.


Amnesty International

The human rights watchdog has many discussions on rights and women’s issues: a must-read for those who want to keep in touch with the latest news and updates on the situation of human rights worldwide.


The Afghan Women’s Writing Project

Women’s rights in Afghanistan are a heavily discussed theme. Sadly though, hardly any Afghan women have the chance or the education to express themselves the way they’d like to. This blog is a wonderful collection of essays, stories and anecdotes on the Afghan woman’s life, her problems and how she gets around them.


The Everything Yoga Blog

Yoga is good for health as we all know, but rarely does someone come up with a blog as entertaining as this one. What we liked the most was that the author writes about her experiences with Yoga and her teachers. Very funny and very insightful.


Money Wise Women

This blog is a blessing for women who find financial terminology confusing. There is some excellent piece of advice on various financial issues, including strategies to create your own successful business and career plans.

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24.08.2012 | 14:20