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CologneCologne attacks got the most attention from our readers this week. Check out here if your comment has been chosen for this week’s Comments of the Week!


Jonathan Rizzo That is for sure! (Facebook, January 21)

For In Sarah Palin, Donald Trump has finally found someone crazier than he is


Pamela Ayers What can you say about a country that makes it illegal for a woman to leave an abusive husband? No heart. (Facebook, January 19)

For Afghan Woman’s Nose Is Cut Off by Her Husband, Officials Say


Mai Neenee Inspiring to hear what Ms. Wizorek has to say about her quest to counter sexism. Not only applicable just in Germany but many parts of the world as well. (Facebook, January 18)

For “Sexism is Abuse of Power


Sandeep Jawale Salute to the great Officer Mother. She will be the world icon. (Facebook, January 18)

For Colombia police officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea breastfeeds abandoned newborn baby and saves her life


Abir Al Kilani As if they were confirming that it is a normal action and may be a right for them too. What is left from morals, natural and normal humanity and human beings ??!!
Money talks in this world. All is about making money no matter how and in which ways and on the account of what and whom! (Facebook, January 18)


Viviana S. Ocampo Pedophiles are human too, these dolls may not be the best solution but they may help them find a healthy, legal option to express their sexuality (Facebook, January 18)

For Japanese child sex dolls: Outraged parents react to ‘sick’ toys aimed at stopping paedophiles committing crimes


Devjanee Dewan There are good lemons and there are bad lemons. How to screen them? Well, simple. Make it mandatory to wire each of them and take a thorough lie director test that will test their psychological fitness (aka point of view towards and western society overall) to assimilate into the host society. Failing the test will have them deported immediately. (Facebook, January 18)

For Cologne attacks: American woman tells how Syrian refugees rescued her from New Year’s Eve sexual assault


Author: Marjory Linardy

Editor: Grahame Lucas



Opinion: Sexism is Germany’s hidden secret

Casual sexism has become a hidden part of German culture, says DW’s Kate Brady. She takes a look at the country’s stereotyped gender roles – from Mummy Merkel, to glib dirndl comments, and even gender-specific sausages. (From February 10, 2015)

Something in the air

It looks like something has changed or is in the process of changing. Either the boys didn’t fear the strict rules about crimes against women or they didn’t care to respect women the way I have so far seen Germans doing. (From January 14, 2016)

Cologne – Can group dynamics lead to sexual violence?

On New Years’s Eve, hundreds of men sexually harassed women in public. How could this happen? What are the impacts of group dynamics in such a situation? Dr. Barbara Krahé, a social psychology professor, explains. (From January 11, 2016)


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