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Repentant recruit spreads word about IS

frauenISLaura Passoni was a single mother in a vulnerable state when an IS recruiter sold her a bill of goods about life with the Islamic State. Since her escape, she has dedicated her life to discouraging young people from falling into the same trap.


Report: Cornelia Kolden



Female peshmerga fighters against ‘Islamic State’

Shiwa left her home country Iran to fight against “Islamic State” because she believes their ideology goes totally against women’s rights. She feels it’s her duty to try to stop them. Listen to her story here! (From October 31, 2015)

Female “Islamic State” Supporters – The West Needs to Rethink Its Strategy

The news that at least 12 young Australian women from Melbourne have attempted to join the so-called Islamic State demonstrates its enduring attraction on young impressionable Moslem women in western countries. It is time to rethink western strategies, writes DW’s Grahame Lucas. (From May 29, 2015)

What you should know about the Islamic State

The Islamic State is a militant Sunni Islamist group that emerged out of the remnants of al Qaeda in Iraq. The group initially comprised loyalists of the former dictator Saddam Hussein and ex-soldiers from his government. However, jihadist militants led by Abu Musab al Zarkawi, a petty criminal who was radicalized in a prison in Jordan, infiltrated its ranks. Facts you should know about the Islamic State and why they are a threat to women. (From August 20, 2014)



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