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Germany’s Women Footballers – Untold Stories

Eight-times European Champions and two-times World Champions: the fairytale of the German Women’s national team. Pioneer Anne Trabant, current international player Dzsenifer Marozsán and U17 European Champion Melissa Kössler tell us about their passion for the sport that was forbidden for women until 1970.

Film by Felix Schwadorf and Jana Schäfer




Indian women take over ‘men’s sport’

India recently launched its first women professional Kabaddi league. The popular South Asian sport has traditionally been dominated by men but women Kabaddi players say they are out there to demonstrate the ‘girl power.’ (From August 1, 2016)

Being an Asian-American woman in sports media

My dad was downstairs watching the news, and I was upstairs pacing back and forth, dreading the very request I was about to ask: “Pa, can I try out for the high school basketball team?” (From March 8, 2017)

Inspirational women in science

Many women have provided a rich source of inspiration for young scientists – both male and female – down the years. They’ve made remarkable discoveries, often despite ingrained sexism within their chosen field. (From March 8, 2017)



18.07.2017 | 9:00