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Concubine hunter: tracking down adulterers

Twenty years ago, Zhang Yufen found out that her husband was having an affair – and divorced him. After that, Zhang became China’s first female private detective – usually tracking down wealthy men who cheat on their wives.




The fight against ‘instant’ divorce in India

In India, Muslim men can divorce their wives in seconds by uttering the word “Talaq” three times. As a result, women are often left destitute and without access to their children. Now India’s top court is to decide on the legality of the practice. (From May 26, 2017)

Uncensored: Muslim women speak about women’s rights

A new book “Usensurert” (Uncensored) by Norwegian non-fiction writer and journalist Birgitte C. Huitfeldt takes a look behind the veil of what it means to be a woman in the Muslim world. (From July 4, 2017)

The expat wife: ‘What every women needs to know before she marries a foreigner.’

I just knew I had to follow the smile in his golden eyes into the sunset. It involved jumping on a plane, while barely knowing the inner workings of his soul or where on Google’s map he lived. It involved a great deal of bravery, a trusting heart, money I wasn’t sure I had, faith the size of a mustard seed  and a spirit of adventure. (From June 20, 2017)



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