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The travel blogger’s Independence Day video in Pakistan stirs controversy


A video of a travel blogger has stirred a controversy in Pakistan. The young woman did the popular Kiki challenge dance with a Pakistani flag on a Pakistan International Airlines aircraft.

The young blogger is famous especially among Pakistanis for helping create a positive image world wide of a country whose name is often represented negatively in media whether because of the military interference in politics or terrorism.

Eva posted a video in which she is dancing in a PIA aircraft holding a Pakistani flag. As soon as her video was posted the travel enthusiast started receiving a mix of positive and negative feedback. Some people thought that her dance was a great way to express her love for Pakistan. But for some social media users Eva’s dancing with the flag was disrespectful.

Eva had to delete the video from her Instagram account and also published an apology video. In her video she says, “Someone suggested that why not a Kiki challenge as it was trending at that time. I got a lot of love and positive feedback but some didn’t like the video and I apologize to them. I only meant to highlight the positive things and will continue my mission to promote Pakistani culture and its people.”

Instagram user Mirrah Qamar responded to Eva’s apology video. She posted, “We have immense respect for our flag and we are really sensitive about this thing. Hope you understand.” Another user supported Eva and wrote, “You are doing a commendable job for the best image of this Green Nation. Your Kiki Challenge was amazing, full of patriotism.” A Facebook page, Womens Advancement Hub, wrote on their page, “Dear Pakistan, let’s leave this female tourist alone and include her in our celebrations shall we? That would be the most Pakistani thing to do. Wishing everyone a peaceful, happy and sparkly Pakistan Independence Day. ”



Author: Beenish Javed (ml)



15.08.2018 | 12:45