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Afghan women wait outside a voter registration center in Ghazni, Afghanistan.

What do Afghan women think about the elections and how do women in India rate their representation in their country’s politics? Twitter trolls in India use sexist methods to silence women. Read on for more on women’s news.

Afghan women see hope in the ballot box

Ms. Wardak’s mother, Zakia, is a prime example. She used to wear a burqa in public, but now has had her face printed on thousands of ballot pamphlets for the provincial council in Wardak. She campaigns in person in a district, Saydabad, that is thick with Taliban. Read more in the New York Times.

Protesting against rape

A 13-year-old girl along with her mother put herself in a cage on Monday outside the district press club in Layyah, Pakistan in protest against the alleged release of her “rapists.” Read more in the Dawn.

Women in Indian politics

Women around the world have made rapid advances in politics over the past two decades, gaining election as prime ministers, presidents, chancellors, members of parliament, and other high offices. Although India has had a female prime minister, Indira Gandhi, few other women have made inroads into the corridors of power. Read more in the International Business Times.

A prolific personality

Profiling Fareshteh Aslam is not an easy task given her prolific achievements. This is complicated by her reticence to talk about herself. Read more in Aurora.

Sexist abuse as a tool to muzzle women

The social media experience which came across as a liberating tool for women, was often equated with a living room where one could voice opinions in public sphere. However, of late, a series of incidents have sounded a note of caution against the euphoria around social media. It has been compared to a street where women are abused, threatened, ogled at, rebuked, only virtually. Read more in the Index.


02.04.2014 | 9:54