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Militants of the Islamic State have abducted thousands of women and girls belonging to the Yazidi community while Kurdish women put on a brave front against the militant oppressors. Read more to find out which women’s themes made to the headlines this week.

‘IS’ militants abduct thousands of Yazidi women and girls

In attacks on the Yazidi religious minority in northern Iraq, “Islamic State” militants are said to have abducted up to 5,000 women and girls. Five survivors tell DW what they endured in 23 days of captivity. Read more here.

Kurdish women fighters ready ‘to send ISIS to hell’

Female Kurdish fighters ignite fear into Islamic State militants, who believe that they’ll go straight to hell if they are killed by a woman.  The border area between Iraq and Syria is currently controlled by Kurdish volunteers after both Iraqi and Syrian military forces abandoned the border crossings.  The women fighters occupy the lookout post on the border, which allows them to monitor all IS activities in Iraq and Syria. Read more here.

18 women rescued in Canada-wide human-trafficking investigation

A months-long investigation into human trafficking has led to the rescue of 18 women who were forced to work in the sex trade against their will in Canada. Nine people are facing charges which include forcible confinement, making and distributing child pornography and assault. Read more here.

US appeals court allows Texas to enforce ‘abortion restrictions’

A US court has ruled that Texas can begin to enforce an anti-abortion law that pro-choice campaigners say will close all but a handful of clinics. Critics say the measures are a backdoor effort to outlaw abortions. Read more here.

Can Muslim women wear a headscarf at work in Germany?

Germany’s constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion. But Muslim women often have to defend themselves in court when they want to wear a headscarf at work. Read more here.

Jennifer Lawrence on nude photo hacking: ‘It is a sexual violation. It’s disgusting’

Jennifer Lawrence has addressed the naked pictures of her that were leaked via a large-scale hacking in August. The actress was one of the first of over 100 celebrities to have been targeted in the scandal. Read more here.


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