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Russian student works toward honest democracy

Anatoly Bulgakov with a white ribbon

Anatoly Bulgakov

Listen to the report by Geert Koerkamp:

Russian student works toward honest democracy

For a long time, Russians were thought to have little interest in politics. Opposition rallies used to draw only a handful of activists. All that has changed since the parliamentary elections held on December 4, 2011. Frustrated by evidence of widespread election fraud, tens of thousands took to the streets in Moscow alone.

Belonging to the opposition has become fashionable again in Russia, and a growing number of young people are talking part in the protests. Among them is Anatoly Bulgakov, a 25-year-old student who felt he had to take action to show his discontent. DW’s Geert Koerkamp met him at one of the meetings against election fraud in Moscow.

Anatoly helps distribute white ribbons, which have quickly become a symbol of the new movement for democracy in Russia. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin only boosted their popularity by alleging that he first thought they were condoms used to draw attention to the fight against aids. The awkward statement was skillfully used by activists in a call to join the protests.

Student activists responded to Putin’s condom mix-up with this Youtube video:


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