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Thinking for a cooler world

Klaus Esterluß | Ideas

As awesome as flying?

French tyre manufacturer Michelin recently held its 10th annual design challenge. The winner this time was a Serbian designer, Marko Lukovic. His idea of what a car might look like in 10 years is more like a rocket or fighter jet than a car. Lukovic’ car is run by Li-Ion batteries that will become smaller as today, the designer believes. It could be possible for the future drivers to charge them inside their home or office, much like a laptop or mobile phone. Cool idea? We will see, how right he is. The winning car project has excelled 1,000 contestants worldwide.

So probably we are moving like this by 2021. Let us know what you think about the movement of the future. How will car’s look like? Will there still be cars?

By the way, mashable has a quite impressive collection of more or less cool electric cars that you will find here.


April 27, 2011