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Gianna Gruen | Ideas

Coral collapse considered evitable

(Photo credit: CC BY NC 2.0: Klaus Stiefel)

Normally, we mostly present you animals threatened by climate change – but this time, we have some good news for you: Researchers recently found out that there is a way corals might actually survive the multiple threats of humanity. We actually give these small creatures a very hard live:  pollution, overfishing and last but not least climate change. The latter influences the reefs by ocean acidification and rising sea temperatures.

For a long time it was thought that those cnidaria folks won’t cope with those impact. But the new study gives a glimpse of hope: If we manage to lower CO2 emission under the current level and stop overfishing, then all reefs with more than 20 per cent coral cover will survive. That’s the only chance, the researchers figured out.

For their work they took into account models for climate change, ecosystem dynamics, and carbonate processes. That way they could show that fish colonies are crucial for corals to survive, as they eat away straggling algae on the reefs resulting in more space for corals to grow.

(Photo credit: CC BY NC SA 2.0: Richard Ling)


May 19, 2013



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