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South Sudan’s Hope

After winning independence over the weekend, The Republic of South Sudan is the world’s newest country. Even though the nation is just starting out, it’s rich in natural resources and has huge potential to grow and prosper – especially when it comes to clean energy.

One of the World Bank’s chief technicians, Daniel Kammen, took a video of South Sudan’s Fula Rapids while he was on site recently. The force and power of the White Nile River’s rapids make them the perfect source for hydropower. Some experts believe the Fula Rapids alone could produce 60 megawatts of electricity – and that in a country that generates less than 200 megawatts total right now.

Because South Sudan is largely undeveloped, officials there have the chance to start from the very beginning with renewable energy generation and green-friendly development practices. But one big question remains: will renewable energy projects benefit the country’s poor, too? Or will its new-found natural wealth end up in the hands of the few?


July 12, 2011



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