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Germany by Scooter

2473 Kilometers in 80 Days - Euromaxx Reporter Michael Wigge's Blog

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Michael Wigge – Reporter, Video Journalist, Author

After his award-winning series “The Truth about Germany” and “Land of Loveliness,” Michael Wigge is back at Euromaxx with a new one. This time, he’s taking on a very special challenge for DW’s daily culture and lifestyle magazine: traversing Germany from north to south using just a child’s scooter and his own muscle power – 2473 kilometers in just 80 days!

The 36-year-old’s last two projects – “How to Travel the World for Free” and “Wigge’s Swap Mania” (from an apple with a bite out of it to a house in Hawaii) – have proven that he’s equal to any challenge. He’ll be filming himself during his scooter marathon too – using a very special technique involving a camera mounted on his outstretched arm. Euromaxx will be showing the series starting August 4. And Piper Verlag will be publishing a book about the scooter in the fall.


March 18, 2013