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Electronic waste is a menace all over the world.  We keep hoarding new gadgets and don’t know how to safely dispose the old and faulty ones. Unknowingly, toxic elements in the gadgets like lead, mercury and nickel add up to the levels of environmental pollution.

Impact on environment and society

Did you know that if the monitor of your desktop is not disposed off properly, it can add tonnes of poisonous lead to the environment? Lead can block your thinking and reasoning abilities and even lead to death. The mercury in electrical circuit boards, laptops and LCD screens. When comes in contact with air and water, it can even deform the organs of a foetus in a pregnant woman.

Shop maturely

When you buy a product, make sure to check that the company will take care to recycle the gadget after it is out of order. Many companies like Dell, Apple, Nokia, Motorola and HP collect old electronic products for recycling. All you need to do is fill an online form and send the equipment to them through postal services for recycling and processing.

Think before you buy

If you are just buying a new gadget to be abreast with the latest technology, then it’s time to think twice. There are many ways to upgrade your old. Check with your gadget company and find ways. For example, use a set top box instead of spending on a digital television and parting from your old LCD screen. Always remember, small efforts can make a major difference in protecting the environment.

Show your generosity

Old goods can be of help to many underprivileged people. If your equipment is working fine, donate it to a NGO (Non governmental organization). To start with, you can donate your old gadget to people around you, if they would like having them.

Handover responsibly

There are some stores and agencies which collect old gadgets and recycle them. Find out one nearest to your place and handover your faulty device.

With small and smart steps, we can make a change in the environment and live with style!

Author: Debarati Mukherjee

Editor: Manasi Gopalakrishnan


09.10.2012 | 14:36