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Belena Romana is in London for the Powerful Women meeting.

Your weekly dose of women’s news. Here are some women’s themes that made it to the headlines.Renouncing the consumer culture

For one year, Greta Taubert renounced our consumer society. Eating, drinking and dressing without spending a cent, the 30-year-old German woman wanted to see what life would be like if the economic system collapsed. Read more here.

Powerful women descend on London

Female bankers, managers, politicians and CEOs have come to London for the Most Powerful Women meeting, organized by US business magazine Fortune. This year’s theme was “The New Connected Leadership.” Read more here.

India’s bio-digester toilets

More than 50 percent of India’s population defecates in the open – due to widespread poor sanitation. The government wants to tackle the problem by building 100,000 bio-digester toilets. Read more here.

No more staying at home

More than 100 Moroccan women took to the streets Tuesday demanding Islamist Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane resign after he urged women to stay at home and look after their families. Read more here.

Rules during Ramadan

The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) has called on private television networks to only broadcast appropriate programs during the Ramadhan. The code of ethics bans television stations from broadcasting erotic dance performances as well as displays of affection like kissing. Read more here.

Frustrated with the media

The vice-president of Facebook in Europe – one of the online industry’s most powerful executives – has revealed her frustration at being portrayed in the media as a mother-of-four who “wanted it all”. Read more here.


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