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This house protects babies who are almost aborted

Abortion? Until now the issue has become a controversy. WHO notes, every year, there are around 50 million cases of abortion in the world. In Bandung, Indonesia, there is a house that accommodates prospective mothers who are unwillingly pregnant. The place is called Rumah RUTH or House of RUTH. 

Devi Soemarno (see first picture) is the founder of the safe house. Rumah RUTH is a non-profit foundation that is open to anyone regardless of ethnic background, religion, race and social strata as well as one’s past.

Get to know RUTH

If an unwanted pregnancy occurs, abortion is sometimes an option. Even though in Indonesia, abortion is an illegal practice. Abortion in Indonesia is prohibited unless there is a medical emergency that threatens the life of the mother and / or the fetus, as well as for rape victims.

Pregnant women who are former drug addicts

All women who are pregnant and want an abortion can stay at the RUTH Home to continue the pregnancy to childbirth without being charged. Babies born will be cared for and schooled. Pregnant women who are also victims of narcotics as in this photo are also treated here.

For the mental and spiritual condition of the prospective mother

A number of pregnancies occur due to sexual violence or rape. As a result, the mother will experience inner conflict with the baby she is carrying. RUTH houses provide holistic services for pregnant women. To strengthen the heart, here they get the service of faith according to their respective beliefs. The woman on the picture is reading the Bible.

This pregnant woman is still in school

The pregnant woman in this photo is still in the second year of high school. The youngest women of the House of RUTH are second year middle school students. Both of them temporarily dropped out of school until they finished giving birth. At first they wanted an abortion. Mentally, young mothers are still considered unable to make decisions. The House of RUTH recommends that young mothers be cared for by their families.

Two-week baby and mother

This baby girl was born at the House of RUTH. In the photo he is still two weeks old. The mother decided to have an abortion because she already had three children. The House of RUTH advises the mother to continue the pregnancy and the baby is adopted by the family approved by the family.

Drinking milk

Babies born in a RUTH Home and submitted for adoption are not given ASI to avoid emotional ties. Until now, there have been 20 children adopted by selected parents and following the RUTH House procedure which does not open the option of choosing babies and is based on waiting lists. The RUTH house works with a government-appointed foundation regarding the adoption process.

Where did Ruth’s house get information about the mother who was about to have an abortion?

Since it is established in 2011, the House of RUTH has witnessed the birth of 170 children. Most pregnant women come in a state of confusion because of being pregnant out of wedlock, being evicted by family or being deceived by a married couple. The RUTH house is informed of patients who want to have an abortion from a doctor’s report.

Pregnant at a young age

According to 2016 National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) website data, every year in Indonesia there are around 1.7 million births from women under 24 years, some of which are unwanted pregnancies. 


House of RUTH consists of two houses, each for pregnant women and infants. At present there are several babies who live in the House of RUTH. There are also pregnant women, new mothers giving birth, and single mothers who rent rooms while leaving their children to work. The House of RUTH rely on donors to help with childbirth, immunization, doctor fees when they are sick, and the life needs of pregnant women and babies.

Volunteer in the House of RUTH 

Some people volunteer to teach skills for pregnant women such as sewing, foreign languages ​​and making cakes. That day pregnant women are taught to make coffee-flavored banana cakes. Provision of these skills so that mothers can be independent.

Get to know Charles and Devy

Husband and wife Devi Sumarno and Charles Wong manage the House of RUTH. They adopted two children. This couple comes from a simple family. Even today Charles Wong has to undergo dialysis every week and there is a problem with his heart. Their love for pregnant women and babies born overcomes their own conditions.

Author: Monique Rijkers / Ayu Purwaningsih (ml)


02.12.2018 | 15:29