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Read on to know women’s themes that made it to the headlines.Women escape Boko Haram

Nigerian security officials have confirmed that 63 women and girls abducted by Islamist extremists two weeks ago have escaped. The group is still holding more than 200 schoolgirls seized in April.

Three Dalit girls raped in India

Three minor Dalit girls were allegedly assaulted and gangraped by seven men for opposing eve-teasing in Singauli village in India. Read more here.

Maternal health in Pakistan

A recently published report by a wire agency suggested that UN’s interventions regarding maternal and child health in Pakistan, as well as five other countries have been ineffective. The report substantiated the claims using two studies, one by the UN itself, suggesting that billions of dollars spent on maternal and newborn health were essentially useless. Read more here.

Choosing between feminist marriages and feminist weddings

How does one strike the very necessary balance between compromises in marriage and independence?

Late mothers live longer

Did you, or will you, have a baby after the age of 33? Then you might live much longer than the average woman, or so say researchers. Read more here.

Inside the bizarre world of anti-feminist women

When men are against feminism, it’s frustrating, if ultimately predictable – groups with power have always been loathe to give it up. But when women come out against gender justice, it feels worse: no matter how fringe, the rise of the anti-feminist woman is not just baffling but a betrayal. Read more here.

The lonely women of Syria

More than 145,000 Syrian refugee families in Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan – or one in four of all households – are headed by women facing a lone fight for survival, a new UNHCR report reveals today. Read more here.


08.07.2014 | 14:08


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