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Iranian Maryam Mirzakhani is the first woman to be awarded the “Nobel prize of Mathematics.”

Missed any women’s news this week? Read more and let us know if you have any suggestions.Iraq Crisis: Yazidi women Leap off Mount Sinjar cliffs to escape sex slavery by Islamic State militants

Witnesses have described seeing terrified women from the Yazidi sect throw themselves “to their deaths” from the Sinjar mountains to avoid being raped and sold into sex slavery by Islamic State (IS) militants. Read more here.

Spain stops trafficking of teenage girls for the sex Jihad

Teenage girls, heading to sex slavery for jihadists in the Middle East, are apprehended by Spanish police. The BBC and other mainstream outlets in Europe refuse to report such instances for fear of offending politically correct narratives. Read more here.

Indian acid attack victims come together in heartwarming fashion shoot

An acid attack survivor who used to hide her face has bravely posed for a fashion photo shoot with her friends and fellow victims featuring her own clothing designs. Read more here.

Victim or sex object: Tough women take back video games

From the damsel in distress to the bounty hunter: Women, it seems, are no longer limited in their video game roles. The Museum of Computer Games in Berlin shows that they can play the heroine as well. Read more here.

Indian PM Modi condemns rape, pledges bank accounts for all

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has used his first Independence day speech since taking office as premier to condemn violence against women. He also pledged to take steps to improve the lives of ordinary Indians. Read more here.


15.08.2014 | 10:49